Nai Harvest x Mac DeMarco – “Onion Man”

Indie rock court jester Mac DeMarco held an impromptu barbecue in Brooklyn last month, and beforehand, he spent four days recording Some Other Ones, an 8-track set of woozy, sun-warped instrumentals to soundtrack the event. Apparently inspired by his burst of lo-fi creativity, UK DIY label Art Is Hard have assembled some friends to put together a “completed” version of the collection by recording their own vocals atop Mac’s demos. Per the project’s description on Bandcamp:

Remember the instrumental album that Mac DeMarco pushed out early July? Written and recorded in his bedroom across just four impressive days, we are merely lo-fi paupers whilst Mac wears the crown.

We thought it’d be great fun to get some AIH friends and family in to have a play and complete the tracks by adding their own vocal & melody ideas. Initially wanting to match the four-day window that Mac achieved the process in, it turned out this was next to impossible ..

HOWEVER! Everyone managed to finish their takes and have done a great, great job. Come roll in the disco fusion of Shunkan vs Mac on “Hachiko,” the grizzle fuzz of pet cemetery’s “Fish Terry” or Early Ghost’s paranoid deprecation on closer “Special K.”

Mac gave it away for free and so are we. Enjoy!

Listen to gleeful British fuzz-bombers Nai Harvest take on “Onion Man” below, and you can stream and download the full Some AIH Ones compilation here.