Flipper Announce Reunion Shows With Jesus Lizard’s David Yow

Seminal San Francisco punk band Flipper have announced that they’re reuniting for a series of shows this fall fronted by the Jesus Lizard’s David Yow, as KQED reports. The band last reunited in 2005, touring and releasing several albums, but a new back injury in late 2009 following a serious back-breaking car accident in 1994 made playing and touring regularly difficult for singer Bruce “Loose” Calderwood. A promoter in Italy reached out to the band about playing severals shows there in November, but Calderwood’s back issues prevented things from moving forward, until drummer Stephen DePace came up with an idea when he saw Yow join Chrome at a show early this month. “Then I saw David Yow with Chrome, and I was like, ‘Maybe I could ask him to do it?'” DePace says. “He was really into it; he said he was honored to be asked.” According to DePace, Flipper will tour Italy in November with Yow, and they might play some shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles with the same lineup around the same time. Read the band’s official statement about Yow replacing Calderwood below:

Bruce Loose is retired from Flipper! He has suffered from a broken back since 1994. It has gotten to the point now where Bruce finds it impossible to continue with performing and touring.

We want to thank Bruce for being part of what was a hell of a run from 1979 to now!

With all the ups and downs and craziness that is all part of the punk rock package we managed to make “music history” with this band. For that and all the fun we had, we are eternally grateful.

Bruce is moving on to do solo projects and Ted Falconi along with Steve DePace are going to carry on with long time 5th Flipper, Bruno DeSmartass on bass and we will be performing 3 shows in Italy with David Yow, formerly of Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard.