Instagram Bans #EDM Hashtag Due To Nudity Violations

UPDATE: Rejoice! Instagram has lifted the ban on the #EDM hashtag only a day after officially announcing that it was blocked. They haven’t issued a statement on the reversal yet, but the term is now searchable on the service.

Instagram has added #EDM to their blacklist of hashtags that are not searchable on the social media site. The ban went into effect yesterday on the heels of a controversy from earlier this month over the service’s banning of the hashtag #curvy, which they eventually reinstated with heavy moderation. TIME got in touch with Instagram spokesperson Gabe Medway, who had this to say: “In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.”

This means there’s currently no centralized location on Instagram where you can look at pictures of neon colors or DJs standing in front of laptops (and, apparently, a lot of nudity). But hashtags like #edmlife, #edmfamily, and #edmgirls are still going strong! Viva la #EDM.