Soft Fangs – “Golden” (Stereogum Premiere)

Soft Fangs – “Golden” (Stereogum Premiere)

Soft Fangs’ John Lutkevich doesn’t necessarily have a way with words so much as he has a way of opening doors and windows into the subconscious, ushering his listeners into spaces of solitude and making them feel comfortable there. The lyrics on Soft Fangs’ debut self-titled cassette are gut-splintering and whimsical — places of respite (the dog park, the graveyard) stand in for oft-ignored spaces of thought. Gazing out at them, Lutkevich unthreads small truths from the myriad strands of consciousness that tangle and confuse unidentifiable, awkward feelings. “Golden” is the title track off of Soft Fangs’ forthcoming cassette, and it demonstrates the project’s seamless evolution from the delicately-spun songs heard on the first tape. As noted in our Band To Watch profile, Lutkevich writes and records all of Soft Fangs’ music entirely on his own, mirroring its aural intimacy. This song begins with pure instrumental acoustics that inaugurate the fraught words to follow: “Stolen out of time and space/ Left without a soul or a face/ Everything’s gone to waste.” This song recalls the morning after _______, when you wake up and remember everything that went wrong the day or night before and unwillingly align it with everything that you’ve ever done wrong in your entire life. “I awake full of hate, trying to wipe my past away/ But it sits and waits, for the moment I almost thought I was golden.” Listen below.

Golden is out 8/14 via Disposable America.

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