Grabby Fan Terrifies Taylor Swift On Concert Catwalk

Why do some fans think it’s okay to just go up and touch famous people (or anyone) without their consent? It’s really, really not, but it seems to happen at concerts all the time, and I don’t have any actual data to back me up here, but I’d be willing to bet that it happens way more often to female musicians. At Taylor Swift’s show in Edmonton last night, she was standing on a catwalk and just starting the chorus of “Bad Blood” when one overzealous male audience member lunged and grabbed at her leg before security pulled him away. He only barely managed to touch her, but she was (understandably) visibly shaken by the whole thing, taking a few seconds to collect herself before getting back to the performance. Another fan captured the incident on camera, and you can see it below via DirectLyrics. To reiterate: this is not okay! Do not do this!

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