Song Of The Summer

Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2015

I’m not sure exactly when Song Of The Summer became a thing. Magazines, radio, and MTV were never tripping over each other trying to anoint a seasonal winner back in the pre-blog era. Maybe they were not as desperate for Hot Summer Content? Their loss! Here on Stereogum we started talking informally about Song Of The Summer back in 2005, and since then we’ve run regular reader polls to try to find some consensus. It’s been fun … mostly. Last year many of you were angry with our SOTS poll because the choices were very pop-heavy. At the time I said the Song Of The Summer by definition has to be ubiquitous and you did not agree. So we’ve made some changes. If you think “Dimed Out” deserves this year’s honor, that is your prerogative. This year there are no nominees at all: You can vote for whatever you want! Please no old songs, though. (Sorry, Len.) We’ll tally your submissions then reveal the #1. You also may have noticed we’re running this poll several weeks later than we did last year. That’s intentional. We’re in the thick of the season right now; determining the Song Of The Summer in July would be almost as difficult as picking the year’s best albums in … July. So enter your Song Of The Summer 2015 in the fields below by 8/13 at noon EST. And feel free to campaign for your pick in the comments of this post. If you’re looking for some suggestions, our summer correspondents Mitski and Ryan Hemsworth have got you covered.