Happy 50th Michael Jackson!

The Daily Mail’s posted an article titled “As he turns 50, is this what Michael Jackson should really look like?” The speculation of what he may or may not look like if he hadn’t undergone the knife and hardcore depression is just that, speculation, but the reported facts about his everyday life in Las Vegas, where he now resides, are a bummer to say the least:

[H]e spends his time wandering around Las Vegas with a gaggle of bodyguards and his three precocious children, Prince Michael I (11), Paris (ten) and Prince Michael II (six).

He is almost always in a wheelchair, wearing a bizarre outfit [Note: pajama and tux jacket outfit to the right], and so frail he appears to be at death’s door.

Meanwhile, his record-breaking career seems a thing of the past. From all accounts, he is not motivated to do anything. He has no real plans for the future and is deeply in debt.

Happy 50th, indeed. The article’s interesting, written by J Randy Taraborrelli, who’s written three best sellers about him and claims to have “reported more on Jackson in the past 30 years than anyone else,” and its pins a pretty compelling story: “Alone in his madness, he became gradually weirder, and no one seemed to care.” Something more tangible: He had to default on Neverland ranch. Anyway, how about that picture, which we’re told were rendered by “an expert” and depicts what Jackson would’ve looked like if he’d let his face age naturally:


True, it’s difficult to tell the difference because he’s not wearing the same shirt in each picture. You can read the rest of the article and look at more MJ photos at the Daily Mail. Hopefully nobody plays him any of the Thriller 25 remakes. They’d only increase his despondence: “Beat It ’08” quite literally.