Tame Impala – “‘Cause I’m A Man (HAIM Remix)”

Tame Impala – “‘Cause I’m A Man (HAIM Remix)”

‘Cause I’m A Man,” the towering lighters-up power ballad that anchors the back half of Tame Impala’s Currents, caught some flak earlier this year for its somewhat #problematic chorus: “‘Cause I’m a man, woman/ Don’t always think before I do.” So it’s fascinating to hear one of the Haim sisters singing those words on this new remix. That’s not the only adjustment; the original track’s soft-rock laser-light-show sensibility has been infused with a lurching mechanistic clatter. Here’s what Danielle Haim had to say about the remix in a post on Instagram:

In 2009 I was in Japan playing the summer sonic festival with Jenny Lewis as her guitar player. On a day off of the festival we played a side show at Astro Hall in Tokyo with a band from Australia I’d never heard of called Tame Impala. I remember standing in the crowd and not really understanding how this MASSIVE sound was coming off the stage with just 4 people playing. They were one of the best bands I had ever seen live. When I went back to my hotel, I downloaded their EP immediately — told my sisters to also — and since then we’ve seen their incredible shows all over the world at various festivals and loved every record. Sooo needless to say, when we were asked to do this remix we jumped at the chance!! But we’ve never really done a “remix” before so we decided to put out our own spin on the song. Go get Currents if you haven’t yet — you’ll be stoked. 💋danielle

Get familiar with HAIM Impala (yes I realize it doesn’t rhyme) below.

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