Watch Bruce Springsteen Close Out Jon Stewart’s Last Daily Show

Last night, Jon Stewart hosted his final episode of The Daily Show after 16 years behind the desk. The show featured a whole lot of people who have been through the show during Stewart’s tenure, including Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Steve Carrell, Rob Corddry, Lewis Black, Aasif Mandvi, Wyatt Cenac, Samantha Bee, and John Hodgman. He also got some appearances from prominent people like Wolf Blitzer, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and his predecessor Craig Kilborn. But as a New Jersey kid, Stewart may have been most amped about his final guest: Bruce Springsteen, who played his song “Land Of Hopes And Dreams,” from his 2012 Wrecking Ball album, at Stewart’s request, with the entire E Street Band backing him up. And then, as the show’s other guests rushed the stage, Springsteen closed everything out with “Born To Run.” Watch it below.

It seems fitting that the last Moment Of Zen should also be the best one.