This Is The Kit – “Silver John” Video

Earlier this year, Kate Stables released her gorgeous third album and modern folk gem Bashed Out under the name This Is The Kit. Prior to the release she shared the oceanside video for the album’s title track, playing out as a visual metaphor for internal struggles. Now she has unveiled another video on Noisey for her apocalypse-centered track “Silver John,” directed by herself and filmed/edited by her husband Jesse D. Vernon (Morning Star). Stables shows there’s more than meets the eye, as she serenades to the camera in front of bathroom tiles that transform into earthy scenes and landscapes. Each cut-up frame blinks through film of burnt acid pigments, stains of questioned existence whirling all around. Stables explains that “Silver John” is about how we see things, saying:

The end of the world that we’re bringing about ourselves. Putting the blame on other forces. Being let down by people. The things we grab at in times of panic. It’s just mulling over the way of the human.

Watch the beautiful video below.

Bashed Out is out now via Brassland.