Watch Trust Fund Play Deeply Socialist New Song “Big Asda”

Asda is an American-owned British supermarket chain, and it’s lately been facing criticism for keeping meat and dairy prices down, generally making life harder for British farmers. Ellis Jones, the one man in the one-man Bristol twee-punk project Trust Fund, drops the hammer on them in the new song “Big Asda,” which he calls “a deeply socialist song.” Jones just released the album No One’s Coming For Us earlier this year, and he’s already working on putting together a full-band version of this new song, which he calls “my favorite Trust Fund song.” In the meantime, he’s shared a glitchy acoustic video for “Big Asda” and written a bit about it on the Turnstile Music website. Below, watch the video and read what Jones has to say about it.

Jones writes:

hiii everyone, ellis here from trust fund saying hi and how are you doing. just saying hi because there is a concern coming from my record label that if i neglect to post content then you will forget about me. i told them though, i did tell them about your unwavering loyalty

anyway with that firmly in mind here is a video of me playing a new song called ‘big asda’. it is a deeply socialist song. its my favourite trust fund song and theres a really good full band recording of it which i predict will be available at some point in the future. i wanted it to be a single but the record label said that the radio wouldnt play a song with ‘asda’ in the title so that was that.

hope everyone is feeling ok

No One’s Coming For Us is out now on Reeks Of Effort/Turnstile.

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