Dialect – “Chewing Springs / Quietly In The House” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn transplant Dialect, aka Liverpudlian producer Andrew PM Hunt of recent Band To Watch Outfit, constructed Gowanus Drift as an homage to the parallels of Gowanus to his post-industrial hometown. Hunt collected field recordings and absorbed the decay of dilapidated shipyards, channeling those sights into his new online mix. “Chewing Springs/ Quietly In The House” uses soothing tones with hushed murmurings. A sudden clang of acoustic guitar samples brings more life to the otherwise calm, ghostly electronic song. It reminds me of the gentle fizzing of sea foam in the early morning, permeating the air with its wispy texture. Listen.

Gowanas Drift is out 8/28 via 1080p. Pre-order it here.

Tags: Dialect, Outfit