Wayne Coyne Teases Big Sean For Flaming Lips x Miley Cyrus Album

It feels like the big collaborative album between the Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus has been in the works forever, probably because Wayne Coyne keeps providing sneak peeks into the process every step of the way. The last we heard they had just finished mixing a 7-track album, but it looks like that work isn’t done yet: Coyne’s latest teaser comes from (where else) his Instagram account, where he teased a Big Sean collaboration and tagged already-known collaborators such as Cyrus, Ariel Pink, his nephew Dennis Coyne, and more. The video in question shows off a clip of a song featuring Big Sean vocals that may or may not be called “Tangerine” if the caption is the be believed, and it sounds pretty dope. This thing could actually be good! “Cool shit comin motherfuckers!!,” Coyne promises. Check it out below.

Back in May, Coyne and Cyrus of them debuted a new track called “Tiger Dreams” live.