Ghost Share Creepy Video About Venue Parking In Philadelphia

Swedish metal boogeymen Ghost have a new album called Meloria coming out later this month, and we’ve posted a bunch of its songs: “Cirice,” “From The Pinnacle To The Pit,” “Majesty.” All of those are great example of this band’s whole theatrical aesthetic in action. But the real testament to this band’s devotion to its gimmick is the way Ghost announce a tour-date change. For reasons I don’t quite understand, Ghost recently had to push back their upcoming Philadelphia show. And so the band has made a truly ridiculous and creepy video announcing the change. It’s pretty amazing they they’ve managed to make a mini-horror movie out of something as mundane as that. Check it out below.

So: Who is Frankie, again? UPDATE: Turns out “Frankie” is notable Ghost imitator Pope Francis, whose visit to Philadelphia is basically going to mean the entire city is shut down and bands won’t be able to play shows. That makes sense!

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