Lymbyc Systym – “Split Stones” (Stereogum Premiere)

One of my favorite parts of a strenuous yoga session is the mediation that comes after it, which basically only requires lying still on the floor. All the physical strain melts away into tingling sensations while the mind floats along into abyss. Lymbyc Systym’s new track “Split Stones,” off their upcoming album of the same name, embodies that peaceful sentiment that lingers in both body and mind when you get up off the floor. The instrumental duo of brothers Jared and Michael Bell has been making ambient music since 2004, despite their constant distances in residencies. Their new LP explores the theme of two halves coming together, mirroring both their relationship in music and their blending of organic percussions with synthetic beats. Earlier in the recording process, they came across an old body relaxation cassette from the ’80s that their mom used to play in their childhood Sedan. They ended up sampling the voice from the tape for “Split Stones,” serving as the narrative for the six-minute track of dancing synths and cinematic chimes. Jared weighed in on the concept behind it:

The metaphor of “split stones” describes a sense of solidity in the physical self, often in direct opposition with the fragmented nature of the mind — an idea was inspired by listening back through the tape. It also encompasses our relationship as bandmates. We’re internally connected by blood and music, but physically, we live on opposite end of the country.

Listen below (no yoga required).

01 “Generated Bodies”
02 “Morning Flats”
03 “Geometer”
04 “Streaming Consciousness”
05 “The Erratic Shift”
06 “Split Stones”
07 “Detached”
08 “Paraboloid”
09 “Pulses”
10 “Scientific Romance”

Split Stones is out 10/16 via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it from iTunes or the label.