Helen – “Violet”

Helen is a blown-out dream-pop band fronted by Liz Harris, aka Grouper. (The mysterious Helen herself is credited as a backup vocalist.) After releasing just one 7″ single in 2013, Helen are back, with a debut full-length to come this fall. Caitlin wonderfully described The Original Faces’ first track “Motorcycle” as a “fairy in a mosh pit,” and new song “Violet” continues to play with that sweet/sour dichotomy. After a few seconds of bass noodling, it suddenly erupts into beautiful noise, with dreamy vocal melodies circling each other in the sky — it sounds like Helen are playing to the clouds themselves, accompanied by a jet engine on guitar. When the song fades out at the end, presumably it’s just because they broke through the atmosphere and there’s no sound in space. Listen below.

The Original Faces is out 9/4 via Kranky.