Regina Spektor on Soundcheck

Regina Spektor definitely isn’t for everyone… if you slightly dislike the likes of Ani DiFranco or The Dresden Dolls (previously mentioned on the ‘gum here and here) you will probably hate Ms. Spektor. Jim describes her as “Ani DiFranco in heat.” In spite of, or because of that, I really can’t help but like her. I listened to this song several times in a row just because it’s that sort of thing.

Regina Spektor – “Poor Little Rich Boy” (MP3 link expired)

Anyway, she’s playing live on Soundcheck today at 2 pm on WNYC radio, 93.9 on your FM dial. Or stream it in iTunes.

Also featured is Abigail Washburn, who plays the banjo and supposedly sings in Chinese, though I could find no evidence of the latter in the audio clips available on her website. She’s sort of like Sufjan Stevens, but is better at the banjo, and sounds more like Gillian Welch or Alison Krauss than he does.