Saintseneca – “Sleeper Hold”

Saintseneca – “Sleeper Hold”

Columbus folk-punks Saintseneca stepped up to the plate last year with Dark Arc, their fantastic sophomore album that saw them add some more members to their ranks in the form of All Dogs and Yowler mastermind Maryn Jones and the Sidekicks’ Steve Ciolek. They continue reaping the benefits of that expanded sound on “Sleeper Hold,” the first single from their upcoming third record, Such Things. Project leader Zac Little told NPR that the track is about “the physics of consciousness. What is a dream made of? What is the thingy-ness of thought? Where does the substance of perception converge with the perceived?” And while those existential leanings may provide an undercurrent to the motivation behind the song, the seams of that questioning don’t show on the track itself, which is the most straight-forward and immediately satisfying the band has ever felt.

“I was pushing myself with Such Things to try to explore the pop motif further, to try to use and bend that formula of having a groove, a beat, locking in and using that as scaffolding to build a song,” Little expanded in a press release. “And even though it oftentimes might seem like this singular vision, at the core my creative strategy for the band is one that inherently involves other people. I think the best work I’ll make involves working that way.” That feeling of community translates over into the song as well — listen below.

01 “Such Things”
02 “///”
03 “Sleeper Hold”
04 “Estuary”
05 “Rare Form”
06 “Bad Ideas”
07 “The Awefull Yawn”
08 “How Many Blankets Are In The World?”
09 “River”
10 “Soft Edges”
11 “The All Full On”
12 “Necker Cube”
13 “Lazarus”
14 “House Divided”
15 “Maya 31″

Such Things is out 10/9 via Anti-.

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