Watch Foo Fighters Console Denver Man Crying During “My Hero”

On their recent tour, Foo Fighters have welcomed a few special guests to the stage, including Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Dave Grohl’s foot surgeon. And last night in Denver, they had an impromptu one: A man named Anthony who couldn’t stop crying during the band’s acoustic rendition of “My Hero.” As Alternative Nation points out, Grohl noticed the sobbing guy in the crowd, brought him to the stage, and basically forced him to sing the song with him. It was very sweet and fully ridiculous and the only thing that happens at big rock shows. Watch it below.

It’s usually bad manners to point it out when someone is crying in public, but we can probably give it a pass this one time.

UPDATE: The crying man from the show overheard Denver radio station KBCO discussing the incident and decided to call in and talk about it yesterday. It turns out the story has kind of a sad twist: The reason why he was crying during “My Hero” was because his mom died a few months ago, and he had just gotten back from burying her in Europe. He also says that he wasn’t drunk during the show, but may have had “a little Colorado green.” Listen to the full radio interview below.

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