SCRNS – “Lavender” (Feat. Lea Thomas)

SCRNS is the project of Minneapolis-based producer Max Petrek, and on “Lavender,” his debut single for Cascine, he fizzes to life with a few chimes and an undulating ’80s inspired synth line. The track feels like it’s looking backward and forward all at once, taking the romantic balladeering of the past and combining it with a digital duet that sounds like it was ripped out of the mainframe, with a dash of R&B earnestness thrown into the mix. “The things we say to keep our hearts up” — Petrek’s sentences are finished by singer Lea Thomas, and that emotional bridge carries throughout the track. The other two SCRNS songs included alongside his new “Lavender” release show a similar care for construction, building big emotional moments around deep instrumental pivots. Listen below.

The 3-track “Lavender” maxi-single is out now via Cascine. You can buy it here.

Tags: Lea Thomas, SCRNS