Gangrene – “Sheet Music” (Feat. Sean Price & Havoc) Video

On Friday, Gangrene, the duo of Alchemist and Oh No, released the nasty psych-rap album You Disgust Me. The best album on the track might’ve been “Sheet Music,” a no-nonsense neck-snapper that featured verses from Mobb Deep member Havoc and from the late Sean Price, who died just before the album was released and whose verse, with its line about punching you in your face just for living, was my favorite on the album. Director Jason Goldwatch made a video for “Sheet Music,” and it works as a dedication to Price, showing nothing more than Alchemist and Oh No sitting in front of a burnt-out, graffiti-covered building while smoke billows out of the door. Watch it below.

You Disgust Me is out now on Mass Appeal. Head over here to donate to Price’s family.