The Kooks Cover MGMT

We were in Chicago for Fork Fest the weekend of MGMT’s Pool Party free show at McCarren in Williamsburg, and my phone that Sunday was attacked by nonstop texts about how the Pool had never been more packed, the VIP was full of B-list celebs, and the line to get in was around the block all day. Wait, what? When did they get so big? They’re huge. They have models breakdown their equipment after shows and drink from goblets made of gold and success. Maybe it’s the major label promo money? Or, maybe it’s just that they have some undeniable singles. That’s not as much fun as conspiracy theories, but if we’re chalking it up to the tracks, “Kids” makes the list. Meanwhile, the Kooks are a band that exists. File this under unnecessary and patently average covers. But we’re suckers for covers, so here you have it. It’s acoustic, the warbly synth riff comes forgettably picked on a guitar, but to its credit, the harmonies sound nice on the chorus. You may have a listen at

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