Father – “All Black Hummers” (Feat. iLoveMakonnen, Ethereal & Archibald Slim) Video

Atlanta’s foremost sardonic-trap rapper Father just threw a new EP on the internet this week, the five-song Papicodone. He’s already released Young Hot Ebony and Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? over the course of the last 12 months, and you start to get the feeling he’s got countless tracks on deck and he’s just biding his time, spacing them out. Anyway, the posse track from this latest bunch features the staccato growl of Archibald Slim, the sleepy-eyed drawl of Ethereal, Father’s own no-fucks-given hedonism, and iLoveMakonnen on a boastful syrupy hook. If that sounds like overkill, it isn’t — a spare beat and tinkling, dark sirens balance out the packed guest list. Watch closely for cameos from past Awful films and aspiring young bloggers. They like to keep it all in the family, after all. Watch below.

Papicodone EP is out now via Awful Records. Get it here.