New Lou Reed (Feat. Antony Hegarty) – “Caroline Says, Pt. II” (Live At St. Anne’s Warehouse)

We’ve mentioned Julian Schnabel’s documentary Lou Reed’s Berlin along with Lou Reed’s diss of Lester Bangs. The film’s out this fall, the diss largely forgotten. Anyhow, Lou Reed’s Berlin includes a December 2006 performance of the 1973 album at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. Matador’s releasing the accompanying soundtrack under the descriptive title Berlin: Live At St. Ann’s Warehouse. The first MP3 from the 14-track collection’s “Caroline Says, Pt. II,” the later rewriting of the Velvet Underground’s “Stephanie Says.” Speaking of which, VU fans should also remember “Candy Says,” the one about Warhol superstar transsexual Candy Darling, who shows up in “Walk On The Wild Side” and appeared on the cover of Antony & The Johnson’s I Am A Bird Now via a photo taken by the late (and, yeah, great) Peter Hujar. All that to say: Antony helps Lou on the final refrains here and it makes incredibly good sense to have him connected to one of the “says” songs.

Lou Reed – “Caroline Says, Pt. II” (MP3)
(via Matablog)

“It’s so cold in Alaska.” True, Lou, but not as cold as it used to be, right? The album expands Berlin proper with Ecstasy’s “Rock Minuet” and two Velvet Underground tracks, “Sweet Jane” and the aforementioned “Candy Says.” Speaking of which:

Berlin: Live at St. Ann’s Warehouse is out 10/21 via Matador. And, by the way, Antony and the Jonhsons’ five-song Another World EP is out 10/7 via Secretly Canadian.