Skrillex & Jauz – “Squad Out!” (Feat. Fatman Scoop)

Often, when artists contribute new music to the Adult Swim Singles series, they take the opportunity to showcase some of their furthest-out, most experimental tendencies. But not Skrillex. On “Squad Out!,” his new track for Adult Swim, Skrillex has offered only his biggest, dumbest, most fun and physical hammerhead dance music. The track is a collaboration with the L.A. producer Jauz, and it features the rap-radio party-starter Fatman Scoop, a constant presence on the last decade’s set of sample-heavy party records, bellowing, among other things, “Let the fuckin’ bass drop!” The track has no subtlety whatsoever, and if you play it loud enough, the drums will make your head explode. It’s fun! Listen below.

Download the track, and this summer’s other Adult Swim singles, for free right here.