Motörhead – “Sympathy For The Devil” (Rolling Stones Cover)

After so many years in the game, British metal greats Motörhead have barely ever switched up their hearteningly simple attack. But on the rare occasions when we do get to hear Lemmy sing something other than a fast growl, it feels weirdly revelatory. Case in point: The band just released the new album Bad Magic, their 22nd studio effort, today. And on that album, they’ve included a strikingly faithful cover of “Sympathy For The Devil,” the Rolling Stones’ beyond-classic 1968 song. The tribal drumming, the whoo-whoos, the overall sense of playfulness — it’s all there, with the added twist that Lemmy makes a perfectly credible Satan. The Guardian shared the cover today; listen to it below.

Bad Magic is out now on UDR. Hear some more songs from it at The Guardian.