Jarvis Cocker To Sing Ocean-Themed Covers, Tell Sea Stories On Wireless Nights Prom

The (former?) Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has been keeping himself busy lately with some fairly esoteric projects. Recently, he recorded a soundtrack to his own art exhibit. And now the BBC announces that he’s about to get nautical in front of a live audience. At London’s Royal Albert Hall on 9/10, Cocker will perform alongside the BBC Philharmonic, for Radio 4’s Wireless Nights Prom. It’s based on Cocker’s Radio 4 show Wireless Nights, and it’ll be structured as an underwater dream that cocker’s having, with music from people like Back, Wagner, Debussy, and John Williams. Cocker will also sing aquatic-themed songs by Tim Buckley, Echo & The Bunnymen, and the Beatles (presumably “Yellow Submarine”). You can find all the details on what promises to be a beguilingly strange night here.