Darlene Love – “Forbidden Nights” Video (Feat. Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett & Bill Murray)

With producer Phil Spector, the singer Darlene Love made exactly one timeless pop song, 1963’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” She sang the song on Letterman every year for almost 30 years. But mostly, she’s spent the the decades since then working as a backup singer. On the new album Introducing Darlene Love, though, she’ll step back into the spotlight. Longtime E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt produced the album, and people like Bruce Springsteen contributed new songs to it. And as Billboard points out, the video for the single “Forbidden Nights” features Love driving around Asbury Park, New Jersey and encountering people like Springsteen, Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett, Patty Sciafa, Paul Shaffer (with a surfboard!), Bill Murray, and a white-bearded post-retirement Letterman. Watch it below.

Introducing Darlene Love is out 9/18 on Wicked Cool.