Grimes & James Brooks Launch Not-Really-A-Record-Label Eerie Organization; Hear Nicole Dollanganger’s “You’re So Cool”

Susie Bell

Grimes & James Brooks Launch Not-Really-A-Record-Label Eerie Organization; Hear Nicole Dollanganger’s “You’re So Cool”

Susie Bell

Grimes is noncommittal to the new business venture she’s starting to release Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger’s new album Natural Born Losers, insisting that Eerie Organization is not really a record label. But she’s not not at all reserved about Dollanganger’s music. Here’s what she has to say about hearing it for the first time:

It blew up my brain so hard that I literally started Eerie to fucking put it out because it’s a crime against humanity for this music not to be heard.

Like most of her recent endeavors, Grimes will be joined by Elite Gymnastics/Default Genders frontman James Brooks in the running of Eerie. The label will serve as sort of an artist collective, without taking submissions or functioning in a traditional way. Eerie will also release the new Grimes record in Canada. Grimes told Billboard she sees it as more of co-op:

Functionally, it’s more like a cooperative than anything else. Some of the artists we are talking to are getting involved in helping out as well. The goal for artists Eerie works with — don’t bother sending them your demo, they aren’t accepting submissions — is to do well, and thrive, and move on. The ultimate goal is that any artist we work with moves on to a label with real resources, gets good management and is able to do all this stuff the right way, with help from people who’ve been through it already. We want to be a healthy gateway to all that stuff, without taking anything. I think if anything Eerie is a patron of the arts and a labour of love. It’s only a business insofar as it is required to be in order to help the artists we work with. The contracts only exist to protect the artists from me, so that they have peace of mind and know they aren’t getting screwed.

Dollanganger already has a Bandcamp page teeming with songs, which initially struck me as the most post-Lana Del Rey music I’ve ever encountered. Still, there’s an element of the macabre here that even Del Rey rarely ventures toward, and Dollanganger’s voice is a baby-soft flit of a thing that dawdles in innocence before flexing strong out of nowhere. Her new song “You’re So Cool” sounds like a lullaby from a Stephen King novel. You can listen to it below and check out the album details.

Here’s the full Natural Born Losers tracklist:

01 “Poacher’s Pride”
02 “Mean”
03 “White Trashing”
04 “Swan”
05 “In The Land”
06 “Alligator Blood”
07 “Executioner”
08 “American Tradition”
09 “Angels of Porn (ii)”
10 “A Marvelous Persona”
11 “You’re So Cool”

And artwork:

Natural Born Losers is out 10/09 via Eerie Organization. Pre-order it here.

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