Watch Arcade Fire’s Tim Kingsbury Debut Sam Patch Side-Project At Passovah Summer Fest

Sam Patch is the latest side project to come out of Arcade Fire’s million-plus members — it’s made up of bassist Tim Kingsbury, drummer Jeremy Gara, and Toronto musician Basia Bulat. The new band had their debut performance last night as part of Montreal’s Passovah Summer Fest, and they (of course) played all new material. There’s still no recorded material out, but in a recent interview with Cult Montreal, Kingsbury talked about the origins of project, and mentioned that there’s an album in the works:

It’s evolved a bit, but the feel of it is definitely rock music — I guess weird rock music. This doesn’t sound very rock ‘n’ roll but I started using a nylon-string guitar and this old Vox keyboard and a Moog synthesizer and I was using an arpeggiator with it, and a little drum machine as well. I was playing around between those things and composing ideas, often based on an arpeggio.

I’m used to playing with a big band and having lots of people around and everyone feeding off of everyone’s ideas, but this way I was setting up parts myself and expanding on that.

A few Instagram videos of their first show have surfaced — watch them below.

A video posted by Bilal Butt (@buttmusic) on

A video posted by Bilal Butt (@buttmusic) on