Taylor Swift Doesn’t Break Her Stride As San Diego Stage Crasher Gets Tackled By Security

Respect motherfucking professionalism when you see it. TMZ reports that a 26-year-old fan named Christian Ewing tried to interrupt Taylor Swift’s show at San Diego’s Petco Park on Saturday night. He rushed the stage, and four of Swift’s security guards grabbed him. But Ewing fought so hard that one guard broke a rib, and Ewing has since been charged with felony and misdemeanor battery and obstruction. And while the scuffle was going on, Swift was maybe 30 feet away, strutting down a runway and singing “Style,” never letting the nearby fight interrupt her flow. Insane stage-crashers are apparently just not a concern for her. Watch the video below.

Ewing couldn’t get to her even in his wiiiiiildest dreams.

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