Lana Del Rey Says She Doesn’t Need To Talk About Feminism

Last year, in an interview with The FADER that instantly became somewhat notorious, Lana Del Rey more or less dismissed the entire idea of feminism, saying that it’s “just not an interesting concept.” This led to people like Kim Gordon bashing LDR. So now, Lana Del Rey is trying to clarify what she meant, though she’s still doing it in characteristically opaque fashion.

The actor James Franco recently wrote a book about LDR, though she doesn’t expect that book to come out. And now he’s sat down to talk with her for V Magazine. As Pitchfork points out, she talks a bit more about feminism in the interview:

The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here, which is why I’ve said things like, “I don’t focus on feminism, I focus on the future.” It’s not to say that there’s not more to do in that area. I’ve gotten to witness through history the evolution of so many movements and now I’m standing at the forefront of new technological movements.

I’m not undermining other issues. But I feel like that’s obvious, like I shouldn’t even have to bring that up.

You could, of course, make the argument that LDR blowing a paparazzi helicopter out of the sky in the “High By The Beach” video is, on some level, an act of feminism, even if she’s not defining it as such.