New Kaiser Chiefs – “Never Miss A Beat”

Mark Ronson is very serious about his love for Kaiser Chiefs. He memorialized this by commissioning Lily Allen to sing a cover of KC’s “Oh My God” for his Versions record. Now he’s one-upped himself by taking a production credit on the band’s forthcoming, third album. “Never Miss A Beat” has been popping up on Kaiser Chiefs live sets since last year, sounding like a fairly standard guitar-rocking chant-along Kaiser Chiefs song, so here’s Ronson’s opportunity to bring some apparent shifts to the mix. (Warning, though: He didn’t really bring any shifts to the mix.)

There’s a little rumble in that intro bass stomp, and a little jigging synth laced on the way out, but otherwise if you were expecting something inventive or horn charts or some Motown mixed in, sorry luv. It sounds like this is going to be Mark’s calling card to rock bands that he can produce them without making them sound like Amy Winehouse. Which in most cases is probably a good thing, although after hearing what he did with “Oh My God,” a little curveball would’ve been welcome. Kaiser Chiefs’ Off With Their Heads is due out 10/13 via B-Unique.