Chromatics – “Shadow”

Chromatics – “Shadow”

Even though the interminable wait for Dear Tommy marches on, we’ve been gifted with a new Chromatics track thanks to Adult Swim’s singles series. It’s called “Shadow,” and it’s the final version of a track we previously heard in demo form last year. Johnny Jewel shared a statement about the song:

Everyone has a shadow. There is no real difference between ten years ago and ten seconds ago. Your future determines your past. The flame of nostalgia is a tempting black hole to jump into, but I recognize it as a fantasy.

Romance is brave. So is simplicity. Love is a call to war. Why wouldn’t you want to respect music? Dear Tommy is the most rebellious record I’ve made.

We know that Dear Tommy’s been done since April, and Johnny Jewel’s just waiting for the right time to release it. Hopefully he decides that’s soon! Listen below.

You can download the track here, and check out the lyrics here.

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