Stream Skepta The Tim Westwood Mix

More than any other single person, the London rapper Skepta has been responsible for the recent resurgence of grime, the hard and hyperactive strain of British rap. Skepta’s lately been working on a new album that will doubtless be a pretty big deal when it comes out. But he’s also been promising a new mixtape with Tim Westwood, the British rap DJ and radio host. As it turns out, The Tim Westwood mix has actually been out for a minute. Pigeons And Planes reports that Skepta’s spent the past few days walking around New York and handing out physical copies of the mixtape to fans. Someone finally uploaded the tape to SoundCloud, and it plays like a sort of rough guide to Skepta, featuring recent singles like “That’s Not Me,” “It Ain’t Safe,” “Shutdown,” “Lukey World,” and “Back Then.” Stream the whole thing below.

Skepta’s new album Konnichiwa is still in the works.

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