Watch Foo Fighters Cover “Molly’s Lips” For The First Time

Nirvana released their cover of the Vaselines’ song “Molly’s Lips” as half of a split single with fellow Seattle band the Fluid in 1991, and they later included the song on their compilation Incesticide. It was a longtime live staple for the band, and it stands among their most purely fun songs, even if it’s not, strictly speaking, theirs. Foo Fighters had never played their own “Molly’s Lips” cover until last night, when they were in the Vaselines’ homeland. During an Edinburgh show last night, the band debuted an apparently-impromptu version of “Molly’s Lips.” Dave Grohl was introducing all the members of the band, and when he got to Pat Smear, Smear started playing the song’s riff. the rest of the band joined in and bashed the song out. Watch a fan-made video below.

I suddenly only want to listen to that song on repeat for the rest of the day.