Billie Holiday Hologram Coming To The Apollo

Billie Holiday will be the latest entertainer to be recreated in hologram form. Her digital likeness will appear at the Apollo Theater — where she made her debut at 19 and is a recent Apollo Hall Of Fame inductee — as the first in a new partnership between the famous venue and Hologram USA, the company behind the recent holograms of Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, and Chief Keef. As icky as the whole hologram situation feels, it could all be worth it if only so The New York Times could use this stunning lede: “”Billie Holiday often sang about being blue, but when she appears at the Apollo later this year she’ll be closer to translucent.” Like, damn.

Holiday’s representation will be used to craft an interactive show. “Billie is going to be able to talk about the history of the Apollo,” venue president Jonelle Procope told the Times. “She can take questions from the audience in an interesting way. She can sing songs.”

“We would never do anything that would compromise the integrity of the artists or the Apollo,” she added. Holiday’s hologram will be recreated from audio recordings approved by her estate, and is scheduled to appear at the Apollo around Thanksgiving.