EZTV – “Pretty Torn Up” Video

The Children’s Museum of the Arts partnered with the Brooklyn-based trio EZTV to make a video for their single “Pretty Torn Up,” off of their recent Captured Tracks release Calling Out. In the cut-and-paste animated clip, the band gets rearranged into a variety of New York landscapes, and Michael Stasiak told The FADER the following about the making of the video:

Unlike most of our album, we recorded “Pretty Torn Up” completely at home, in Ezra’s old bedroom in Clinton Hill… [The video] was pieced together in a ramshackle sort of way; we loved that the kids came back to us with the simple, direct idea of literally tearing us up and tossing us around a New York skyline—it was just so perfect. And because so much of the video focuses on Ezra’s words, they really seemed to get at the heart of feeling romantically tumbled in the city.

Watch below.

Calling Out is out now via Captured Tracks.