Chvrches – “Clearest Blue”

Chvrches – “Clearest Blue”

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the Glaswegian band, every Chvrches song has a certain staying power, a way of forcing itself into your memory to be recalled later on. They write hooks that hit so hard they make the bottom of your stomach fall out, and each one of the singles that we’ve heard off of Every Open Eye punches just a little bit harder than the last. After sharing “Leave A Trace” and “Never Ending Circles,” the band’s offered up the album’s namesake. “Clearest Blue” might be the strongest for a simple reason: it builds and builds and builds and doesn’t break down until you’ve nearly lost faith that it will. When that moment of release finally arrives over two minutes in, it feels like slicing through the surface of an icy pool of water after taking a mile-high plunge. Refreshing and cathartic, maybe even healing. Listen to “Clearest Blue” below and read our recent cover story on them here.

Every Open Eye is out 9/25 on Glassnote.

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