Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Says Jack White Tried To Fight Him Last Night

Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Says Jack White Tried To Fight Him Last Night

Jack White, famously, isn’t a big fan of the Black Keys, the world-conquering Ohio blues-rock duo who may have picked up a couple of tricks from White’s world-conquering Michigan blues-rock duo the White Stripes. White doesn’t even want his kids and Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach’s kids playing in the same classroom. Talking to Rolling Stone last year, Keys drummer Patrick Carney said that White “sounds like an asshole.” And in an interview with the same magazine last year, White called the Black Keys a “watered down version” of the White Stripes, but he later apologized, issuing a statement saying, “I wish the band the Black Keys all the success that they can get.” He might not feel the same way today, though, now that Carney is claiming on Twitter that White tried to fight him in a New York bar last night.

As Pitchfork points out, Carney recently wrote a series of Tweets about an encounter that he allegedly had with White last night. Carney says that he met White for the first time last night and that White tried to start a fight with him. (Carney says he doesn’t fight.) In that string of Tweets, he also called white a “40 year old bully” and “basically billy corgan’s dumb ass zero t-shirt in human form.” Here’s what Carney had to say:

So many questions here. Like: Was this a chance encounter? Is there some NY drinking establishment where the world’s biggest rock stars go to booze it up? Or did White track Carney down? Did he put a bounty out on Carney? And for Carney: Can you really still claim the moral high ground in a fight that didn’t even happen if you’re calling someone names on Twitter? Whatever the case, anyone who’s met White knows that that guy is scarily diesel and not a guy you want yelling at you. I don’t envy they night Carney must’ve had last night.

UPDATE: In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, White denies that he tried to fight Carney while confirming that some sort of confrontation took place: “Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick. Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the Internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”

UPDATE 2: Carney tweeted that things are “all good” between him and White after they spent an hour on the phone.

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