Drunk Guy Collapses Onstage With Stone Temple Pilots, Is Not Scott Weiland

Based on all the time that Scott Weiland was in the band, the members of Stone Temple Pilots are understandably not all that concerned about drunk people collapsing onstage. And as Alternative Nation points out, they didn’t have too much trouble with it when one inebriated fan met the stage floor while they played the Weenie Roast in Charlotte, North Carolina this past weekend. The band, now led by Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, was midway through “Interstate Love Song,” when one stumbling performative longhair showed up onstage, hugged everyone in the band, shared Bennington’s mic, and then collapsed dramatically backward during the final note of the song. Bennington: “This guy’s really a fucking champion right here. I’ve never seen a motherfucker jump onstage and hang out, sing, fall backwards, and still be standing here.” Obviously Bennington wasn’t in the band when Weiland was. Watch the video below.

Shout out to Bennington’s honestly-pretty-convincing Weiland impression, which apparently includes a Weiland Halloween costume.