Stream Grubs It Must Be Grubs

Grubs’ debut is in and out in under twenty minutes, but it still manages to make a lasting impression. The UK trio honed their tune-making skills in a number of other jangly bands, including Joanna Gruesome and Trust Fund, and the result is a tight, catchy, and promising first listen. There’s not much variation here — most of the songs are sunny sub-two-minute ditties with simple interlocking chords and sing-songy vocals — but they’re all so likable and compellingly repeatable. The band comes fully-formed and announces itself as such — It Must be Grubs! — so that any sense of sameness or familiarity comes across as purposeful. Lyrically, the group trends towards absent-minded circular mumblings — when they do lock into a groove, the most memorable words tend to be about self-worth and self-help (“Work In Progress,” “Gym Shame”) or fleeting loves (“Nuffin,” “Good Timez”). It’s a great listen — do so below.

It Must Be Grubs is out now via Reeks Of Effort/Tuff Enuff.

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