Club 8 – “Love Dies” (Stereogum Premiere)

Since 1995, Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård have comprised the Åhus, Sweden synthpop duo Club 8. They’re back this fall with their ninth album, Pleasure, just in time for the band’s twentieth anniversary. Komstedt describes it as “an album about love, sex and jealousy,” so you won’t be surprised to learn the lead single is called “Love Dies.” It’s a ballad that matches Angergård’s emotional electronic swells with Komstedt’s otherworldly siren song. Angergård explains it thusly:

“Love Dies” is about wanting love and life to be endlessly big and breathtakingly romantic. Once in a while it IS like that. But everything dies and what once felt exciting turns grey and dull. Still, we cling to romantic dreams and hang on to nostalgic memories of love – wishing and hoping it will all come back.

This is a gorgeous tune, so listen to it.

Pleasure is out 11/20 on Labrador. Does Angergård remind you of mustachioed Ted Chaough from Mad Men season 7 or is that just me?

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