Young Thug – “My Baby”

Slime Season, the new mixtape that Young Thug made with producer London On Da Track, seems like it might arrive any minute, as the recent appearance of Thug’s deeply strange “Best Friend” video might attest. And as Miss Info points out, another new Thug song showed up online today. “My Baby” doesn’t seem like it’ll end up on Slime Season, since it’s credited to a producer named Goose, but it’s a fine example of Thug’s style in motion anyway. The song, with its ringing piano chords, seems to be some kind of love jam, but it’s hard to tell, since most of the lyrics are totally garbled. Even by Thug’s standards, it is fucking impossible to understand what he’s saying here. And yet it’s still fun to listen to this guy in full-gibber mode. Check out “My Baby” below.

We don’t yet know when Slime Season will appear, but keep your eyes peeled.

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