Woozy – “Gilding The Lily”

Woozy – “Gilding The Lily”

We tend to process things in two ways: There’s the moment, and all of the time that comes after that moment. That’s when we prescribe our own meaning to things, twist them to our own desires. We see what we want. Romantic relationships fall victim to this kind of thinking most often. You go on a date, have a good conversation at a bar, and suddenly on the way home you’ve envisioned a whole other version of events than what happened. Things you wish you had said, looks that were misinterpreted, feelings misconstrued. Woozy’s new track “Gilding The Lily,” the latest from the New Orleans trio’s upcoming debut Blistered, quietly shuffles with the idea that our perspective is always changing. It begins as a duet between Kara Stafford and John St. Cyr — each line bleeds into the next until it sounds as though they’re thinking as one. It culminates in them singing “it feels like you’re all around,” an all-encompassing refrain for when it feels like you can’t get someone out of your mind.

Here’s what St. Cyr had to say about the track to NPR:

The song begins as a dialog between someone who leaves and someone who stays, shifting into a one-sided love letter as the other character’s voice disappears. As the memory of the real interactions start to fade, the other party becomes more of an idea than an individual. The title “Gilding The Lily” refers to this; in building up this “perfect” idea of what a situation could be, you cover up all of its natural beauty. Pining is whining.

Listen below, and check out their lead single “Venom” from last month.

Blistered is out 10/16 via Community Records/Exploding In Sound Records. Pre-order it here.

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