Kosherbeets – “Still Hoop Dreams” (Feat. Coodie Breeze) Video

The Awful Records collective is a living, breathing example of game recognize game. Sometimes I’m not sure how all these loosely affiliated creative people are pulled together; maybe it’s some sort of rap centrifugal force the rest of us are immune to. Anyway, Coodie Breeze (or The Artist Formerly Known As Pyramid Quince? Who knows if he’ll keep the Pyramid name around for something else) dropped a new song of his own earlier this week, “Fastest Way,” and he shows up to guest on Kosherbeets’ “Still Hoop Dreams,” too. The song is off Kosherbeets’ ¡kb! album, and the video features outdoor basketball courts that seem like they’d be a little too on-the-nose but actually work quite well. Watch the Mike Ellwood-directed video below.

Stream ¡kb! here.