Watch Run The Jewels Announce More Exciting Spinoffs On Colbert

Run The Jewels are one of the most influential and important rap acts of the last decade, full stop. El-P and Killer Mike officially teamed up as RTJ on their excellent self-titled album Run The Jewels in 2013. It seemed impossible at the time, but somehow their second installment Run The Jewels 2 was even better than the first.

Then, things took a turn. After an internet joke about cats turned into a full-fledged project called Meow The Jewels, El-P and Killer Mike realized there was a whole franchise to tap into here. Colbert helped them realize that the entire animal kingdom was free for the taking, starting with Squawk The Jewels! Mambo The Jewels, Bubble Wrap The Jewels, Pinball Machine The Jewels… okay okay, it’s clearly a joke. But it’s a damn funny one. Watch below.