Air Waves – “Thunder” (Feat. Jana Hunter)

Nicole Schneit is the driving force behind Air Waves, and her latest LP, Parting Glances, is a baroque pop album fleshed out with collaborations from Jarvis Taveniere of Woods, JB Townsend of Crystal Stilts, Becca Kauffman and Felicia Douglass from Ava Luna, Brian Betancourt from Hospitality, and Jana Hunter of Lower Dens. Despite the wealth of talent involved, Schneit is never lost in the mix, but instead rises above the hum of orchestration on the strength of her scratchy, mesmerizing alto and powerful lyricism. “Thunder” is one of the heaviest, gloomiest tracks we’ve heard from her, thrumming with tension like a pre-storm sky. “I’m dancing in the twilight/ I got my head up in the sky/ Can you feel the vibration?” she asks at one point, and by the time the song rises to an instrumental squall, the question has been rendered moot. “Thunder” follows up the pensive “Fantasy,” the transient pop of “Milky Way,” and the rollicking “Horse Race,” which also features Jana Hunter on harmonies. But “Thunder” is perhaps the most insistent song we’ve heard from Schneit so far. Listen below.

Parting Glances is out 9/18 via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.