Decorations – “Girls”

Decorations – “Girls”

Musically, Decorations’ first single is pretty impeccable. The Frenchkiss Records signees play a brightly colored version of rock ‘n’ roll that splits the difference between early Strokes and peak Phoenix. Of course, that also involves cribbing from all manner of fun, poppy records that informed those two modern festival headliners. As frontman Devon Geyer puts it in a press release, “This is like new wave without all the sadness.” Whether you’ll enjoy “Girls” depends on whether you can stomach the chorus, “Fuck those girls!” Geyer says the song is a critique of “hit it and quit it” hookup culture. Interpreting sarcasm can get a little muddy sometimes — it’s easy to imagine dunderheaded bros missing Geyer’s point — but Decorations’ knack for pop-rock shines through loud and clear here.

The Girls EP is out 10/16 on Frenchkiss.

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