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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

There were too many good videos this week, and I couldn’t find room for it, but the best meta-music video I’ve seen in a while is Darcy Predergast and Josh Thomas’ video for Boy & Bear’s “Walk The Wire.” It really gets at the sort of drama that you can see on a music-video set, especially the moment when computer-generated monstrosities take over the whole set and just run wild. That video’s a funny and knowing headfuck, but there were still at least five videos I liked better this week, and they’re below.

5. Young Thug – “Best Friend” (Dir. Be El Be)

How mad do you think Father John Misty is that Young Thug beat him to the whole making-out-with-himself stunt? And that it’s a mere throwaway in Thug’s video? This is some Jodorowsky-level strangeness right here; that final scene is instantly legendary.

4. Nicholas Fraser – “Why You Always Lying” (Dir. Nicholas Fraser)

How is it possible that an eight-second joke is still funny when it’s stretched out past four minutes? That it’s even funnier? This is sorcery.

3. Wavves – “Way Too Much” (Dir. Jack Wagner)

When you watch a truly bloody hardcore wrestling brawl, you might feel a whole lot of emotions at once: Excitement, admiration, concern, bewilderment, something like pity. In the split-second shot when we see Wavves’ Nathan Williams sitting in the stands, he has all of that on his face.

2. Empress Of – “Standard” (Dir. Zaiba Jabbar)

There’s a beautiful, strange tenderness at work in this video between the small woman and the enormous hulking bodybuilder. I’m tempted to call it a love story, but that’s not quite right. The dynamic is more like a mother cat carrying a kitten in her mouth.

1. Slayer – “Repentless” (Dir. Zaiba Jabbar)

This shit always happens when Slayer play in the prison yard! Why does the warden keep booking them?